⦁    Characteristics of the subclass Acari (ticks and mites)
⦁    Metastigmatid mites = ticks
⦁    Ticks and tick-borne pathogens
⦁    All other mites….
⦁    Mites and mite-borne pathogens

Lice, Bug, Fleas, Cockroaches

Peran Laboratorium di bidang Epidemiologi merupakan bagian dari Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat

⦁    Define disaster epidemiology
⦁    Discuss applications of epidemiological methods to disasters (before, during, and after the events)
⦁    Learn about challenges and problems facing epidemiologists following a disaster

(1) Initial organization of the study;
(2) Summarizing outbreak data and drawing
     initial inferences;
(3) Step-by-step study design;
(4) Constructing a 2X2 table;
(5) Calculating an attack rate;
(6) Calculating a case-fatality rate;
(7) Calculating a risk ratio (odd ratio);
(8) Recommending public health policy to
     prevent outbreak recurrence.